Freelance Writing

Since 2013, I’ve offered my services as a freelance writer on a variety of internet platforms. In that time, I’ve collaborated with hundreds of clients ranging from hobbyists to huge corporations. What they’ve all had in common is a need for quality writing to represent their brand, business, or even themselves. And I’ve been happy to help!

Born and raised in the USA, I am a native English speaker with an expansive vocabulary honed over a lifetime of voracious reading. I pride myself on versatility and efficiency in my writing and have created a skill set well-suited to serving the unique needs of many different clients.

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Writing Examples

(Additional writing samples can be provided privately upon request. Simply send me an e-mail and let me know what type of content you’re interested in seeing.)

Skills & Experience

Rates and Quotes

As every project can be highly variable in terms of the amount of research, preparation, editing, word count, and a variety of other factors, I work with every client to ensure my rates are fair and reasonable.

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